Primo Movie Collection (Part 11)
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Cyber Bullying (Part 1)

Hello readers! In this episode Peter Mason begins a case dealing with cyber-bullying! The school counselor calls New Jersey Legal when the parents of a student need help dealing with a cyber-bully. For more information on cyber-bullying, please take a look at our post on cyber-bullying on New Jersey Legal’s Blog!

It’s All In The Bios (Part 3)

Hello readers! As you can see, we wanted you to have a little sympathy for our New Jersey Legal hero, Peter and his hard day at work! Don’t worry, Biosk isn’t out of the picture yet! Especially not with another client’s computer waiting and another cyborg in Peter’s queue!

It’s All In The Bios (Part 1)

Greetings readers!! Welcome to! A web comic journey fueled by New Jersey Legal in Cherry Hill, New Jersey! Our goal is not only to entertain you readers, but also to help you garner some insight into the world of computer forensics and eDiscovery, better understand the digital services New Jersey Legal provides, and see just how wild of an imagination Peter Mason or “Captain Forensics” has as a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE). Expect the unexpected with this one! It’s going to be a wild digital ride!!

Mike Jasorka (Co-Creator/Writer/Artist)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Follow computer forensics analyst Peter Mason as he daydreams his paying job in to a digital world nightmare! Lord Spoliator and his computer chip cyborgs inhabit client’s computers brought into the offices at New Jersey Legal. Only problem is, Peter is the only one that can capture the data, defeat the cyborgs that protect it and have it ready for the next litigation!

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